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Own production

Only natural and fresh products

Traditional proven recipes and balanced taste

On a typical day and festive table


In each shop of the IDEAL supermarket chain there is a gastronomy department, where you will be offered a variety of names of ready-made dishes, such as salads, snacks, poultry, fish, meat and vegetables. The range of dishes is updated on regular basis.

The basis is Kazakh national cuisine with elements of homemade, while in the assortment there are dishes of Mediterranean, Asian and Mexican cuisines.

Our latest offers

Kupatas from horse meat
Kupatas with chicken and mushrooms
Sandwich with chicken
Sandwich with salmon
Bread “Amarant”
Black ciabatta

Hot bread every hour

Every 60 minutes we get a ruddy pastry from the oven, which immediately goes to the counter.

Tastings every friday and saturday

You can try any dish of gastronomy and buy only what you really like.

We can clean fresh fish for you

We will do it professionally and completely free of charge.

We give a 30% discount on finished products of own production

Every day from 6.00 pm to 1.00 am there is 30% discount on all gastronomy goods.