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To Suppliers

The IDEAL supermarket chain is constantly working to improve the range. We are open to new offers, ready to consider the introduction of new product lines for any product groups in our range. At the same time, we practice flexible individual approach in terms of working with each supplier.

Working with us you get the benefits:

Entry into new markets
High product recognition
Stable sales
The ability to promote and advertise your

Primary requirements:

The possibility of convenient sale of goods in self-service stores (barcode, packaging)
Consistently high, controlled quality of goods
Ensuring stable, uninterrupted supply Competitive price
Compliance with applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Прайс лист на рекламные услуги сети супермаркетов IDEAL

Galina Kotova
Head of Procurement FOOD Department
phone: +77015010075

Julia Vetuh
Head of Procurement NON FOOD Department
phone: +7(7122) 58 65 10, вн. 114

The “Ideal” supermarket chain invites you to take part in tenders (competitions) for:

  • Purchases of goods (including consumables)
  • Production of goods under own brand name (own trademarks)
  • Goods, materials, works and services for the chain’s own needs.
  • Repair and construction work on chain facilities.

Release of own brand name for the following products:

  • Drinking water 5l, 1.5l, 1.5l carbonated
  • Lemonade 1,5l (Buratino, Tarhun, Dyushes, Lemonade)
  • Stew top grade, first grade, can 325 gramm
  • Canned vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes)
  • Fruit berry preservation (compotes, jams, preserves)
  • Laundry soap, toilet, liquid

For more information on participation in the tender (competition) for the issue of own brand name labeling, you can find out by contacting the project manager.