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Meat is the most popular product in cooking. The main role in the menu of Kazakhs today is given to meat. The IDEAL supermarket chain offers a wide selection of meats, always fresh beef, horsemeat and lamb. They are not only consumed more often, but give preference whilemeeting guests at weddings. Our network works only with trusted suppliers.

In the supermarkets there is also a large selection of poultry meat, which has always been considered dietary and, most importantly, affordable.

Poultry dishes are pleasant and even original, as in the case of duck, taste, low calorie and easy digestibility. None of the avid meat eater will not give up appetizingly roasted chicken breast, marinated duck legs or baked goose.

We buy carcasses only from trusted suppliers, we trim them in our own shop and sell them from a traditional counter. Buyers can verify the freshness of the meat and check with the seller which piece is better to choose.

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