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1. Make any purchases in supermarkets IDEAL, “Leader”, “Leader-SuperEkonom”. For every 2000 tenge in the check, take from the cashier 1 chip of the offer (for example: 2000 tenge = 1 chip; 4000 tenge = 2 chips, etc.) and a special cumulative booklet.
2. Collect chips and stick them into a booklet.
3. Having collected the required number of chips, you can buy cookware and kitchen accessories of the French brand LUMINARC with a 50% discount.
4. Promotional products are on a special stand on the front shop.
5. To get a discount on the purchase of a promotional prosuct, show a booklet at the cashdesk with the required number of pasted in chips.
6. After purchasing a product with a discount, your booklet will be withdrawn by the cashier; to continue participating in the promotion, take a new booklet at the checkout.
7. You can, without participating in the offer, purchase a promotional product at a retail price, in which case it is not necessary to show the booklet with the pasted in chips to the cashier.

* Only individuals aged 18 and older can participate in this offer.

Issuance of booklets and chips carried out from March 1 to May 31, 2019.
Sale of promotional goods is carried out from March 1 to May 31, 2019.

Attention! The discount you receive is not replaced by cash compensation. Promotion discounts are not cumulative with other types of discounts. During the promotion period, a temporary lack of a full range of promotional merchandise in the sales area is possible, in this case no claims are accepted. The appearance of the promotional product presented in the sale may differ from its image in promotional materials. Due to the fact that the quantity of goods is limited, the period for issuing chips and the duration of the promotion can be changed. The organizer of the offer reserves the right to prematurely terminate the action in the event of a full sale of goods, having previously notified the Participants of this by posting information on the retail facilities of the IDEAL, Leader, and SuperEconom supermarkets participating in the offer. The product is certified.

The list of addresses of the retail facilities participating in the offer, as well as detailed information about the product, the conditions of the offer, the place and the timing of its holding can be obtained by calling the Call Center at +7 (7122) 755 000. Ask the cashier for chips.

LUMINARC Non-stick Cookware Collection

The company for the production of glassware Luminarc* was founded in 1948 in France. Currently, this brand produces glass and non-stick cookwares, high-quality knives and kitchen accessories, which are successfully sold both in Russia and in other countries.The cookwares presented in this collection have an environmentally friendly non-stick coating containing zirconium oxide and ceramic granulates. These components provide durability as well as protection from minor scratches and scuffs. Products withstand temperatures up to 230 ºС.
A great addition to the collection of cookwares are kitchen accessories and implements Luminarc. The registered trademark LUMINARC, owned by ARC HOLDINGS, is used by Key to Loyalty in Retail International OOO (KLR OOO) on a sublicense basis.

* Luminarc

Crepe frying pan 26 cm
Frying pan 20 cm
Frying pan24 cm
Frying pan 26 cm
WOK frying pan 28 cm
Stewpan with handles 28 cm
Grill pan 26x26 cm
Cooking pot 20 cm
Cooking pot 24 cm
Sauce pan 16 cm
Cover 20 cm
Cover 24 cm
Cover 26 cm
Cover 28 cm
Set of 3 items: ladle 32 cm, turner with slots 33 cm, skimmer 36 cm

Make purchases – save up chips – get discounts